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The National Policy Dialogue on the Fashion Industry is a public round-table convened by Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) and Makulu Clothing Brand to facilitate cross-industry engagement to appraise the status of the fashion industry; the successes and failures and the reason(s) why Nigeria is not a foremost operator in the African and global fashion industries, which are valued at $16 billion and $1.3 Trillion respectively.

Nigeria’s textiles market, once the third largest in Africa, is practically redundant and dependent on imports. Current data from Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) indicates that Nigeria spent $4 billion dollars on importation of textiles in 2017.

This haemorrhaging must stop if we ever hope to get the national economy breathing again. Africa’s 1.3 billion population must be strategically positioned as a viable and self sustaining fashion market.

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The National Policy Dialogue on the Fashion Industry

holds on Friday, 16th November 2018 at Ladi Kwali Conference Centre, Sheraton Hotel & Towers, 1 Ladi Kwali Street, Central Business District, Abuja.

The event will also feature a Runway show which creates occasion for stakeholders and participants to network and experience, firsthand the versatility and ingenuity of the Nigerian fashion industry.


Appropriate policy frameworks.

interventions to stimulate sustainable development.

Growth within the fashion industry

Networking and investments.

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