National Policy Dialogue on the Fashion Industry in Nigeria


The National Policy Dialogue on the Fashion Industry in Nigeria is a public initiative conceived by Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) and Makulu Clothing Brand to facilitate industry specific and relevant discourse about the prospects, as well as challenges facing the Nigerian fashion industry. The outcome of this dialogue will crystallize into a communiqué of strategic actionable points, which will be presented to the Federal government, as a first step towards developing appropriate policy frameworks and interventions to stimulate sustainable development and growth within the fashion industry.

This initiative brings together stakeholders, practitioners and professionals from the upstream sectors of the fashion industry (technology developers and vendors, venture capitalists, hardware manufacturers and vendors, etc) and downstream sectors (textiles manufacturers, importers, fashion designers, fashion brand owners, illustrators, stylists, tailors and artisans), entrepreneurs, public and private sector investors, policy makers, the diplomatic corps and government in a round-table to examine Nigeria’s fashion and apparel manufacturing ecosystem and ask critical questions.

Why are we unable to make fashion a cornerstone of our job creation and economic reconstruction policies? Given our population estimate of over 180 million and blessed with remarkable ethnic and cultural diversity. How can a nation with population estimates of over 180 million not proactively cultivate and vigorously utilize the inherent opportunities in a virile fashion and textile industry?

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