Makulu Clothing Label


MAKULU (pronounced “Mah-Ku-Lu”) is a contemporary fashion enterprise that envisions style as a way of life; a personal experience; a means of expressions which fuses the elements of colour, character and freedom to bequeath elegant comfort. Our mission is to create a sustainable fashion ecosystem of African origins with global influence.

Fashion Enterprise: On the entrepreneurship front, we are acutely aware of the significant role fashion will and must play in creating sustainable economic development through empowerment of youth, especially women in Africa. We believe that a community that empowers its women, safeguards its future, hence, we will continually create and promote programs and activities that enhance skills development and visibility of African fashion, enterprises, styles and prints.

Business Opportunities: The millennials and entrepreneurs of this century have shown preference for easy fitting clothes that allow them freedom of movement and embody the intuition and versatility of the entrepreneurship spirit. The nature and structure of meetings have also evolved considerably and even top executives want to attend meeting and events looking and feeling uninhibited by their outfit. With a hint of and the brilliance of the African prints and fabrics, we are creating a Movement that caters for and guides entrepreneurs and investors to sustainably explore the potentials in the $25 billion dollar African Fashion industry.

Africa has a very large blue collar work force that has to wear suits and generally dress up in clothes that are not only incompatible with our weather conditions but represents a major conduit for capital flight. MAKULU leads a cultural revolution with a line of products that does not only meet the fashion needs of a reawakened workforce but fuses fashion with socio-economic awareness. MAKULU represents determination, excellence and boldness.

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