Designing a Versatile Fashion Entrepreneurship Ecosystem


This Policy Dialogue is dedicated to promoting the creation of a viable, dynamic and versatile fashion entrepreneurship ecosystem for the over 4 million practitioners; clothing brands owners, investors, designers, illustrators, tailors and artisans across the African Fashion value chain. It will, in addition, celebrate icons of the industry, as well as exemplary business men and women who have blazed the trail and have continued to point the way forward for the bulging youth population through sustained involvement and investment in entrepreneurship and supporting advancements in social and business innovation.

The Nigerian fashion industry is perhaps, the next big pillar in our national economic substructure, given that despite slow economic performances in key sectors, its growth and influence has remained steady and continues to provide significant opportunities for diversification of the economy.

In addition to the employment opportunities it provides – it has potential to support up to 2 million jobs directly and another 3 million indirectly - particularly among young women and men, it can drive the resurgence of the manufacturing sector.

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